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Brittany Tanner
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United States
Hi~ I really dig AATC, if you couldn't tell already.

My best friends: :iconalvinandthecrew: :icondeadlynova: :icontheodoreseville85:

:iconalvinandthecrew: is also my boyfriend. :heart:

Other websites you can find me on:……
Are you sick of these journals weLL OKAY HERE'S ANOTHER ONE

due to popular demand

Dope by Bratette

I am doing the friendship meme again! I'm going to include :icontheodoreseville85: :iconalvinandthecrew: :icondeadlynova: :iconzep19: and :iconjasonkrueger13:

1. What would you do if you hadn't met :icontheodoreseville85:?


2. Describe :iconalvinandthecrew: in one word.

Perfect <3

3. If :icondeadlynova: played in a movie, what kind of character would they play?

A sea monster or a troll or something like that, she could easily pull it off.

4. What is the :iconjasonkrueger13:'s favorite TV show or movie?

Umm... Evil Dead?? The Exorcist???? Something???????

5. Hot :iconjasonkrueger13: on :icondeadlynova: action - Yes/No?

oh yes totally

6. What was your first impression of :iconalvinandthecrew:?

I thought he was really weird and dumb and it turns out I was right ://////

7. Is :icondeadlynova: your best friend?

No lmao can't stand that w*tch, always trying me. I only let her think I like her so when I come for her she won't expect it

8. How would you describe :iconzep19: in 5 words?

(I looked up synonyms for zeppy only to discover it's not a word and had to settle for zippy instead, enjoy)

Lively, peppy, sprightly, spirited, vigorous

9. Who's :icondeadlynova: dating?

Her cat

10. If you could do anything with :iconjasonkrueger13:, what would it be?

We could watch scary movies!

11. Who would win in a duel, :iconjasonkrueger13: or :iconzep19:? And what kind of duel would they pick, anyway?

IDK who would win but it would probably involve lightsabers (also don't know how to spell that and am too lazy to google it)

12. What is or would be a good nickname for :icontheodoreseville85:?

.... HMM I HAVE NO IDEA. none at all

Okay done. Someone needs to make another friendship meme so we can stop overusing (is that a word) this one to death.
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